Sunday, October 09, 2005


I had a really cool cake for my birthday. My Mama saw a lizard cake and decided she would make it for me. It turned out really cool. Mama said it looked great as long as nobody looked at the picture in the magazine........!

One of the funniest things I did on my birthday.....

I saw the number "3" on my cake. I yelled out"THREE!!!!"

Now, those of you who like Sesame Street will remember that the Count has the "number of the day" each day on Sesame Street. THREE is definitely the number of the day!

I got lots of great presents! Thanks everyone. I liked the Nemo Stickers from Mama and Daddy (hey Mama made me a cake, what was she supposed to do, buy me an expensive present, too???) I stuck them all over the window in our sunroom, and it took Mama a LONG time to scrape them off but she said it was worth it because it kept me occupied for a long time :)

I got some great shoes from my Grandbob and Papa, a really nice outfit from my G-Daddy and Grammy....a Veggie Tales DVD from Aunt Brenda and Uncle Greg which I LOVE....a instrument set from Aunt Courtney, Uncle John, and Rachel and John Neil...a great outfit from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Dena....and as you can see above, I got the BIGGEST NEMO EVER from Gigi and Mr. James......WOW!


I am having a fun October. I am fascinated with pumpkins. I saw a big ghost in Wal-Mart and thought that was really neat! This Halloween thing is lots of fun. My Mama got me a plug-in pumpkin at Stuff-Mart (that's what we call Wal-Mart) - and I drag it around like a dog on a leash.

My Mama and Daddy took me on a really fun picnic and Paradise Lakes yesterday and it was so much fun! We live only about 5 miles from there and it is so beautiful and fun. We rode our bicycles and then grilled hamburgers by the lake. And GUESS WHAT - we are going to a little camping trip very soon and will sleep in a tent and everything. Mama says she will pretend she is asleep in her bed at home. But, she is looking forward to it, too. Mama and Daddy are helping me to be a Great Outdoorsman.....I love to be outside!

Well, until next time............

Keaton Alexander Lacy

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