Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween 2007

We had "Tacky Day" at my school on October 31! How about this for tacky?! :)

Mama came and helped at my school. We had lots of fun Halloween activities, then she ate lunch with me.

Mr. Ray gave me LOTS AND LOTS of candy!!!! I love you Mr. Ray!!!

We had a Fall Festival at our church - it was great!

Wentau and Keaton at the FBC Fall Festival -

Do you like to walk in graveyards on Halloween? I do!!!

Scary Skeleton and Sweet Skeleton -

We trick or treated with our friends the Davis family - here I am with Elizabeth Davis - we had fun going from house to house together. I liked to give out candy to the people who came to their house. I said TRICK OR TREAT for them!!! :)

This was the best costume ever. SCCCCAAAARYYYYY!!!!

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