Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cloudland Canyon State Park and Rome, GA

This weekend we went with Daddy to Rome, GA so he could speak at a meeting.  On Sunday we went up to Cloudland Canyon State Park, where we are thinking about going camping one day!  It was really pretty!   We saw some big waterfalls that were really cool!

Then, we drove to Berry College in Rome.   There were lots and lots of deer!  And a building that looked like HOGWARTS!!  It was a really pretty campus.

After seeing Berry College, it was on to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner.  Can you tell we were in Rome?  Ooops - had a little mishap with the lion....but I'm okay :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santa Claus comes to Grandbob and Papa's!!

I had an AWESOME Christmas this year, and had fun staying at Grandbob and Papa's house, and of course getting to see my wonderful cousins Grace and Skye, along with Aunt Dena and Uncle Kevin.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun with Santa coming to town and opening our presents :)

What did Santa bring??

A Visit to Beauvoir

www.beauvoir.org  I had a great time with Daddy, Mama, and Grandbob on December 23 in Biloxi, MS  at Beauvoir, the home of Jefferson Davis.   We had studied the Civil War this year, so it was special to learn more about where Jefferson Davis lived, and how Christmas was celebrated in the 1800s.  I met "Father Christmas," made some Christmas crafts and played checkers on a big board...and we all sang in a "Community Sing-Along."  Oh, and we met Jefferson Davis' grandson who manages the home now, oh, and JEFFERSON DAVIS HIMSELF....!

Jefferson Davis' great-great grandson.  A Southern pedigree if there ever was one....

 Jefferson Davis taught me that this is how gentlemen posed for pictures back in the day....