Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Family Reunion

Hi everyone!

I went to our Family Reunion in Fairhope, AL June 9-11 and had a great time! Wow - it's great to have such a wonderful family - my family has more people than I ever knew :)

When we got to my cousins Cori and Lynn Yonge's house on Friday night - I made a beeline for the chip and dip! I asked someone to pull me up a chair, and I plopped down and went to town! I was careful not to let my eyelashes get dip on them....

My Mama went shopping with G-Daddy and Grammy in downtown Fairhope and they decided to get some ice cream! Well, they went to the ice cream shop and there was a little man that looked just like my G-Daddy! :)

Grammy took me down the pier at Mobile Bay and we walked out on the ocean! I wuv you, Grammy!

Here is my Mama with her Daddy.....

Here I am with my cousin Clayton Doll! Mama tells me that Clayton is a very special little boy because after Mama met him when he was a baby, she decided it was time to go and adopt ME!!!! :)

We went to Julwin's restaurant on Sunday for breakfast - it was my Daddy's birthday! Grammy cut my pancakes - Thanks Grammy!

Spiderman with GET YOU!!!!! :)

Fairhope is a pretty town on Mobile Bay!

I had fun at the Family Reunion!