Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last Days of Summer Vacation!

I am starting back to school tomorrow! I will be in the 4 year old Pre-K class at First Methodist Church, and will go four mornings a week. I have had a really fun summer - doing LOTS of swimming. I am a great swimmer! Check out the video of me swimming on this blog!

My Aunt Maureen, Grandbob, and Nene came to see me! We had a great visit, and went to the Agrirama here in Tifton. It is an 1890's settlement that has lots of fun places to see and things to do. I love to ride the train and go to the doctor's office and see "Slim" (the skeleton!) We got to ride in a golf cart all over the Agrirama - Nene must be a more important person than I am!

Here is the pretty Still Pond Vineyard that is near Albany, GA. We visited one Saturday and enjoyed the pretty atmostphere - LOTS AND LOTS of grapes!

Here I am wearing Daddy's sunglasses - I am one COOL DUDE!!!

I hope you had a great summer, too!