Monday, April 30, 2012

Kristen's birthday

Mama's student Miss Kristen Ray celebrated her 20th birthday this past weekend, and she invited me and Mama to join her and other ABAC students at Chili's for a celebration! We love our ABAC students!!!!

A Visit with Grammy and G-Daddy

Grammy and G-Daddy came to see us on the weekend of April 20! We had so much fun :) We visited one of Mama's friend's yards that she knew they would enjoy seeing, visited the Farmer's Market, worked in the yard, and they took us out to Longhorn's Steakhouse on Saturday night. Mama really appreciated all the nice plants G-Daddy got for us and helped us set out in the yard...we call the our "Daddy Beds" :) Grammy taught Mama how to make goat cheese, although I don't think it turned out as good as Grammy's. Walmart Goat Milk just doesn't cut it..........! ;)

Easter 2012

On Easter Sunday, I got a basket from the Easter Bunny that held candy and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MOVIES!!!! I was so excited! After church, I found all the Angry Bird Easter Eggs that he had hidden for me (and Mama helped me make :)

A Weekend in Perry

Daddy went to the Georgia Cattlemen's Meeting during the first week in April, and took our camper up to one of our favorite RV Parks in Georgia! Mama and I joined him later in the week, and she and I enjoyed exploring downtown Perry (and having ice-cream, of course!) Guess who they asked to lead the pledge at the Cattlemen's Ball? ME! I did a GREAT job and my name was even on the program. I got to meet the President of the Georgia Cattlemen's Association, too. The convention was held at the Perry National Fairgrounds where I might get to show my goats this year!

Strawberry Pickin'

During my Spring Break, Mama let me have two of my buddies from school over to play one afternoon, and then we went to Rutland Farms to pick strawberries! Their mom met us out there, along with their big sister We had a great time - I don't really like strawberries, but pickin' them was sorta fun ;)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

FBC Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic

On April 1, 2012, Mama and I went to the annual FBC Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic held at the beautiful home of Dan and Carolyn Branch - it is soooo pretty there! I found lots of eggs and had fun playing with my friends :) Happy Easter!