Thursday, April 27, 2006


Guess what my Mama got to do!!! She got to see a SHARK!!!!!! AND A WHALE!!!! AND STINGRAYS!!!!!! AND SHE FOUND NEMO!!!!!! And best of all she bought me a Shark Shirt from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta where she got to visit on Tuesday, April 25. She went with a group of ladies from our bank. She got an invitation to go because the coordinator was our neighbor, Mrs. Linda. And, of course it helped that we are customers of the bank that sponsored the trip! She said that if we kept our money in a shoebox under the bed, she couldn't have gone. So, it always pays to use a bank. Besides, you get a free sucker when you drive up to wave at the ladies in the window.

She said it was a very nice trip and they rode a big bus and had a lovely luncheon and got all kinds of treats. Well, that all sounds really neat but I know her favorite part was seeing the SHARK! That would have been my favorite part! A huge whale shark swam right over her head in a big glass tunnel she got to walk through. Well, Mama, I know you are going to take me soon, right??? Thanks for scoping it out for me.






A visit to St.Simon's Island

Hello friends!

We took a fun trip to St. Simons Island, GA April 20-21. My Daddy had a meeting there (YEA DADDY!) and we stayed at the King and Prince Beach Resort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It was beautiful! I loved playing in the pool and hanging out with Mama and some nice people we met. Then later that morning we headed over to see our our friends John Catherine and Julia Rowan - you can walk to the beach from their house! It is so much fun. Julia and I played and I tried to sneak a kiss as you will see. We ate at a fun pizza place that night and then walked down to the pier and I got to swing and look at the beach at the same time!!!

The next morning Mama walked on the beach by herself - I have no idea why she didn't want to take me. What could be more fun than taking me with her? Well, anyway, she caught a pretty sunrise on the beach. Mrs. Catherine took Mama for a visit to the beautiful newly renovated Cloister at Sea Island - WOW! It was beautiful, she said. She took a picture of hte table where President George Bush and the world leaders sat when the G8 Summit was held there two years ago.

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Visit to a State Park

On Monday, Mama and I went with Daddy to George T. Bagby State Park which is on the GA/AL border. We ate lunch outside at the lodge, overlooking Lake Walter F. George. Then while Daddy was in his meeting, Mama and I played on the big playground and I got to walk along the beach at the lake and play with all the shells. It was a fun trip :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Morning!

WOW! Easter is fun - we left some carrots out for the Easter Bunny last night and he came to see me! I had a basket full of goodies - like snakes, bugs, a plastic alligator - things like that :) It was great - I had so much fun playing with them that I didn't want to hunt the eggs he hid for me in the front yard. I couldn't care less about hunting eggs! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch with the Bunny!

On Saturday, April 15, we went to a very nice Easter Egg hunt and lunch with the Bunny! The Easter Bunny brought Dora the Explorer (one of my new favorites!) and Minnie Mouse with him! I had so much fun dancing with them and holding their hands. I seemed to enjoy them more than any other boy or girl! I couldn't care less about hunting for eggs - I usually just find one and eat the candy inside, and that's enough for me!

A visit from G-Daddy and Grammy

Last weekend I had a special visit from my G-Daddy and Grammy! We had such a great time together and they brought me a BATMAN OUTFIT! WOW! They played with me and read with me and it made me very happy. We took them to the Georgia Agrirama here in Tifton - it is an 1880's settlement with real live people and everything! They re-enact what it was like to live long ago. They had a Folklife Festival, and one highlight was the Turpentine exhibit. We all enjoyed seeing G-Daddy relive his memories working in the Turpentine industry to put himself through college. He even made a donation of a tree stump that had been used to get turpentine years ago. We got to ride the train, eat ice cream at the country store, see the sawmill in operation, and Mama even churned butter! WHEW! That is hard work. I'm glad mine comes from the refrigerator!