Saturday, May 30, 2009

A date with Spider Man!

Mama and I had a lot of fun during my first week of summer vacation! On Wednesday we had a date and went to see "Night at the Museum" which was GREAT! I wanted to wear my Spiderman costume and flipflops, and decided to take Spongebob along to enjoy the movie!

A mystery trip!

Daddy took Mama on a SURPRISE TRIP last weekend! Of course, I was surprised too, but not as much as Mama. She told Daddy she had never packed for a trip and didn't know where she was going. We pulled up at a beautiful beach house at St. George Island, and around the corner came our friend Johnny Wade Gaspard! He and his family were vacationing there from Tennessee, and we joined them for their last couple of days on the island. Mama was so happy to see Mrs. Mandy and their three cute girls, Allie Mack, Ella, and Maggie. I LOVED playing with them! And...I decided that Ella is the one I'm going to marry, which is fine with Mama and Daddy! We fed the seagulls, played on the playground and the beach, and had some great seafood (well, at least everybody but me did!) We also caught two ghost crabs at the swimming pool :) The weather didn't cooperate just right for us, but we still had a wonderful time and hope to see our friends again soon!

Stayin' Alive!

On Thursday, May 21, we had a Kindergarten Talent Show at Annie Belle Clark school! I wanted to be Barry Gibb and sing and dance to Stayin' Alive! Actually, I look a lot more like John Travolta, but I love to listen to the BeeGees so I wanted to be Barry Gibb. I basically just pointed up to the left and then to right the whole time - Mama was so proud of me just getting up on the stage! And....did you know that Barry Gibb shops at Brother Charlies thrift store here in Tifton?

Goodbye Andrey

Andrey flew home to Pskov, Russia on May 21. We will miss him - it has been a great year and we have done so many things! Andrey went home with much more luggage, a new smile, and many new American friends to keep in touch with. He purchased a Japenese maple tree and we planted it in our backyard. We will send him pictures as "his tree" grows! :) We will stay in touch with Andrey and his parents Galina and Alexey and hopefully visit them in Russia one day. We love you Andrey!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Andrey enjoyed a 2nd trip to the beach with us when we went to Destin, FL the May 7-10. We took our camper and stayed at Topsail Hill State Park which we loved! They had a little tram that took us to the beach :) Grandbob and Papa came, and they stayed at a nice condominim. Uncle Kevin, Aunt Dena, and cousin Grace were there, too! "Uncle Kebin" is working in Destin now, so he has an apartment he is living in there. On Friday, we hung out at "our place" and had dinner there. On Saturday, we headed over to Grandbob and Papa's and enjoyed their pool and beach. We went to play at Destin Commons, and Grandbob got us some GREAT BBQ to enjoy that night at their condo (I just had a roll and butter, but it sounded like everybody else loved the barbecue!.) On Sunday, Grandbob got to be with her two sons on Mother's Day, and Dena fixed us a great breakfast at their apartment :)

Air Show at Warner Robins

For the last part of their trip, Daddy and I got to join them in Warner Robins for the air show! I wasn't too happy about it at first because it was very loud, but I ended up loving it! Those pilots were GREAT!