Monday, October 31, 2005

Camping Tips from Keaton

1. Get your Mama and Daddy to take you camping! It is so much fun. The way to have the most fun is to make sure that they do all the work. That's what I did!

2. Pick a fun place to go. We picked Paradise Lakes which is right down the road from us. Make sure your Mama is excited. It helps her to be excited when she is only 5 miles from home. I was really proud of her - she didn't bail on us once!

3. Make sure you go with good friends, like Mr. Charles and Mrs. Polly and their daughter Elizah. "EEEE-WAAAA!" is what I call her.

4. Go with at least one nice dog, but two if you can. Elizah has a cute puppy named Bud, and of course we took Georgia May. They had lots of fun! Their philosophy is the same as mine...let the adults do all work and this adds to your enjoyment of the camping experience.

5. Eat lots of beef jerky and roasted peanuts and marshmallows and get them all over your face and hands.

6. Get so tired that you are crying over nothing. Then Mama will take you to the tent!

7. Get tired of sleeping on your pallet. Grab your Mama and insist on sleeping on top of her to insure that she doesn't get a wink of sleep. This is okay because she would rather work than sleep while camping so that I can have a good time.

8. Wake up at 6 a.m. crying! This is lots of fun. Scream, "I DON'T LIKE THIS TENT!!! I WANT MARSHMALLOWS" and I guarantee you that your Mama and Daddy will take you to the car to sit and warm up.

9. Wear a diaper at all times. It sure beats having to drive to the potty!

10. Stay away from the fire. I heard this at least 50 times during our camping trip. Mama and Daddy, go back to work.

11. Ride in a canoe, but be sure and wear your Scooby Doo life vest!

12. Climb trees and get your nose all bloody. Mix in a runny nose, dirt, and sticky marshmallows and you have the face of a true camper - just like ME!

13. Play with worms that your Daddy is trying to fish with.

14. Take a looooooooooong nap when you get home.

15. ASK TO GO BACK SOON!!!!!!!! :)

Pictures from our Camping Trip October 28-29

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was so much fun! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our favorite camping quote...spoken at 6 a.m. on Saturday, October 29

I don't like this tent!!!! I want a marshmallow!!!!
- Keaton Alexander Lacy
(camping report coming soon!!!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

We carved a pumpkin!

We had a lot of fun this afternoon...Mama and I drew a face on one of our pumpkins and Daddy carved it! It is so cute - I love it. It is sitting on the bench in front of our house. He is a happy pumpkin! I keep wanting to take his hat off! Tomorrow is hat day at my school - maybe Mama will let me wear it.

I love pancakes and waffles!

Mama had to make three batches of pancakes for me last week. She doesn't know if it is the pancakes or the syrup I like best! Daddy made me waffles yesterday and they were great! YUMMMMMMMMMM!

I love to climb!

I love to climb things - my Daddy helped me climb a tree yesterday and on Friday, Mama took me downtown and we had fun with our friends at a picnic and concert in the park. I got the climb the National Monument! At least, I think that's what it was! Oh, do you see that cute picture next to me? That is my good buddy David Rakestraw.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

We Found Nemo.......

Nemo has been found! Asleep in the bed with a precious little boy.....

I love picnics!

Guess what everybody! I got to go to Paradise Lakes yesterday and have a bike ride and picnic with Mama and Daddy! It was so much fun... and after I ate my hotdog, I got my favorite picnic treat....a ZEBRA CAKE!!!! They are yummy. It was such a pretty day and I loved it. When we were finished eating, I helped clean up our trash. Mama and Daddy are helping me learn to clean up my messes....I make a lot of them! Our dog Georgia May loves to go with us on bike rides and picnics. She also loves to swim in the lake which makes her smell like a fish. YUK! But we love her anyway. She is the best dog ever! My cat Mr. Mittens doesn't go with us...she can't run that fast!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hey Mr. Scary Crow! You Need a Hat....

Keaton and Katie Lin

Hi everyone! Wow - I had a really fun day yesterday. I met my friend from China, Katie Lin Ortmeyer. She and her parents live in Valdosta which is a town not far from where I live. Her mother Kim and my Mama are friends, and we had fun eating lunch together in Nashville, GA! No, not Nashville, TN! Because I promise if I had been in Nashville, TN I would have gone to see my family that lives there, too :) I promise :)

Mimi, we ate a restaurant that was named after you....Mimi's!!! It was really nice. I had fun playing with Katie's toy. She was nice to share with me.

We got some pictures made outside the restaurant where there were pumpkins and a scary-crow. There was even a little courtyard that was named after Katie! That was really neat. I don't think she cared too much :) Then later when we were back in Tifton we saw a house that had lots of Halloween decorations! I called it "Scary the Park." For those of you who don't know, I came up with that name after hearing Mama tell me that a part on a Disney video was the "scary part." I thought she said "Scary the Park."
Now I talk about Scary the Park all the time and I
can't wait to go back. This year I am going to our Fall

Festival and Mama said we will go trick-or-treating! I can't wait - I hear that all I have to say is "trick or treat" and they hand you candy at each house!!! YEA!!!

Then we went by to see our friends Sandy and Cory Ponder and their pretty little baby named Elise. Mr. Cory is a real live musician and he is really talented...he let me play on a cool drum set. THANKS MR. CORY!!! That was lots of fun!

Drumroll please................

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Fish are Friends....not Good"
Keaton Alexander Lacy

(Original quote: : "Fish are Friends...not Food" from the movie Finding Nemo.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A fun time at Paradise Lakes

Hi everyone! Mama took me to Paradise Lakes yesterday for a visit and I did some really fun things! I love to go there. We saw a nice couple in a horse and buggy, and I got to pet the horse. Her name was Charlene. I've never met a horse named Charlene before!

Then, we saw two nice ladies who were fishing and they gave me a fish they had caught! WOW! I carried him around and had lots of fun with him. He didn't act like he was enjoying it very much. Mama threw him back in the water....and I learned something today. Did you know that fish can float? My fish did! :)

I can't wait to go back to Paradise Lakes!

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Picnic Story

Keaton is wanting to hear "The Picnic Story" over and over now....of when he, Mama, and Daddy went on a Picnic Saturday night. He loves all the details and loves to "fill in the blanks." He likes to hear the part about how he and Mama looked for sharks in the lake. Since we are Nemo obsessed, he loves anything to do with sharks and fish in general. Also, any herons we see on the lake are "Nigels" - Nigel being the pelican in "Finding Nemo."

Once Upon a Time....Mama and Daddy and Keaton went on a picnic.................!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I had a really cool cake for my birthday. My Mama saw a lizard cake and decided she would make it for me. It turned out really cool. Mama said it looked great as long as nobody looked at the picture in the magazine........!

One of the funniest things I did on my birthday.....

I saw the number "3" on my cake. I yelled out"THREE!!!!"

Now, those of you who like Sesame Street will remember that the Count has the "number of the day" each day on Sesame Street. THREE is definitely the number of the day!

I got lots of great presents! Thanks everyone. I liked the Nemo Stickers from Mama and Daddy (hey Mama made me a cake, what was she supposed to do, buy me an expensive present, too???) I stuck them all over the window in our sunroom, and it took Mama a LONG time to scrape them off but she said it was worth it because it kept me occupied for a long time :)

I got some great shoes from my Grandbob and Papa, a really nice outfit from my G-Daddy and Grammy....a Veggie Tales DVD from Aunt Brenda and Uncle Greg which I LOVE....a instrument set from Aunt Courtney, Uncle John, and Rachel and John Neil...a great outfit from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Dena....and as you can see above, I got the BIGGEST NEMO EVER from Gigi and Mr. James......WOW!


I am having a fun October. I am fascinated with pumpkins. I saw a big ghost in Wal-Mart and thought that was really neat! This Halloween thing is lots of fun. My Mama got me a plug-in pumpkin at Stuff-Mart (that's what we call Wal-Mart) - and I drag it around like a dog on a leash.

My Mama and Daddy took me on a really fun picnic and Paradise Lakes yesterday and it was so much fun! We live only about 5 miles from there and it is so beautiful and fun. We rode our bicycles and then grilled hamburgers by the lake. And GUESS WHAT - we are going to a little camping trip very soon and will sleep in a tent and everything. Mama says she will pretend she is asleep in her bed at home. But, she is looking forward to it, too. Mama and Daddy are helping me to be a Great Outdoorsman.....I love to be outside!

Well, until next time............

Keaton Alexander Lacy

Friday, October 07, 2005

Keaton's Three!

Hi everyone -

My name is Keaton Lacy and I am 3 years old. My Mama got the idea to create a blog for me after she saw one that our friends did for their newly adopted little girl from China. It is very cool - lots of information and pictures about her. Now, she is going to post things about ME so you can read them!

If you want to see my picture of our adoption agency's website, it is here:

Look for me in the photo album! It's fun being from Russia, but I am so happy to be here living in the U.S.A. with my Mama and Daddy.

I turned three years old on September 7.

We had cupcakes with my class at school (First United Methodist Preschool) and had a cake and ice cream with the friends Mrs. Linda and Mr. Herman Henry, and Nonnie and Papa Joe (Carolyn and Joe Harvey). Mama likes having adults at parties, not lots of wild kids. She says one wild kid is enough at my party. That would be me.

I hope you have fun reading about me in my blog.

I will post some pictures from my birthday party soon, as soon as Mama figures how to do it.


Pumpkins - I have some in my yard!!! (Halloween is coming!)
Veggie Tales
Tom and Jerry (they make me laugh really, really hard!)
Going on Jungle Trail Walks with my Daddy in my backyard
Going on bicycle rides with Mama and Daddy at Paradise Lakes
Cheese Noodles (plain ravioli from the freezer case!)
Harassing my long-suffering cat, Mr. Mittens
Chocolate Milk

Until next time....