Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I had a really fun Halloween! My school party was lots of fun and I was "Buzz Lightyear" - I call him "Buzz Lifeyear"! I changed into my Spiderman costume last night and we went to the Fall Festival at First Baptist Church and my favorite part was jumping in the Pirate Ship. I took up with some scary skeleton creature....I thought he was really cool! Mama said he was too scary, though! Here are some pictures from my spooky and special day -

At my school party -

Trick or Treating with our friend Mrs. Talley

Mama and our friends Lou, Alice, and Wentau Chen

Sweet thing and Scary thing

Is this a nice witch?

Spiders and pumpkins, oh my!

Dancing Skeleton

Whatcha got Mr. Robin?