Sunday, March 25, 2012

YoHoHo!! It's Pirate's Golf for me!!!

I was VERY excited to see that Helen has a putt-putt golf course called "Pirate's Cove." I love anything that has to do with pirates....and it seems they follow us everywhere we go....!
And on a final note....on our way back from Helen we stopped in Atlanta to have dinner with UNCLE ERIC!!! We went to a great Mexican restaurant and I just insisted on getting up and dancing with the Mariachi Band - have you ever seen anyone dance hip-hop style to that kind of music before? I will dance to ANYTHING, I tell ya. Mama was very amused that later on, the band played and sang "Beat It" and "Stairway to Heaven." ;)

Please feed the bears!

On Saturday afternoon after Daddy's meeting was over, we all went to the "Bear Park" in Helen. We saw Brown Bears, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, and even Cinnamon Bears." They gave us bread chunks and apples to feed them! We were so close to them (but just far enough away)! There was also a snake and reptile exhibit that Daddy and I enjoyed, but Mama seemed to prefer the bears..................!

Anna Ruby Falls

After Mama and I had a fun day in Helen, we met up with Daddy and hiked up to Anna Ruby Falls, which is really beautiful!! It was so cool and nice up there, we didn't want to come down. The Falls were named after a little girl whose Daddy bought the land after the Civil War.

Helen, GA!

This weekend we went to one of the most fun places we have ever been...Helen, GA! It is in the North GA Mountains, and looks like a little German Alpine Village. We stayed at the lodge at Unicoi State Park, where Daddy had his meeting with people from UGA. Mama and I went out and explored the town on Friday! We started off the day with my first horse and buggy ride! The horse's name was Herschel (after a famous football player) and he is the only Clydesdale horse in Helen. We had lunch at "The Troll" restaurant (it is under a bridge overlooking the Chattahoochee river!) and went to a toy store and the "Hansel and Gretel" Candy Store - yum yum! We met a very nice man who owns a store where they sell jewelry, cool sunglasses, and other stuff. He made me a "rice necklace" - I picked the design, and he wrote my name on a piece of rice that floats inside the necklace :) That night, we ate dinner with Daddy and the other people at the meeting, and were entertained by the male acapella group from UGA, "The Accidentals" They were awesome!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Cinderella Comedy!

On Friday, March 9, Mama took Erynn Allison and me to the United Way Children's Dinner Theatre. It was really cool....there were only four people in the show and they played all the roles. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more!