Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Goat Show of 2012

Mama, Daddy, and I headed to Moultrie, GA last weeked for our first goat show of the year.  We took our goats - Olive, Jane, and Victorious - with us.  Although we were not victorious at this show, it was great experience for me AND Mama and Daddy told me they couldn't have been more proud of me with how I did, especially in showmanship.  I have learned a lot, and now in our second year of showing, we have a lot to look forward to.  On to Waycross!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am TEN YEARS OLD!  Grandbob and Papa came for the weekend to help me celebrate, and I had an awesome cake from Publix - it was chocolate with buttercream frosting, with mint-chocolate-chip ice cream to go with it. mmmmmm.  Oh, and the Spongebob-Pirate theme was pretty cool, too.  From my early morning to call from Aunt Courtney, dressing up in my new Captain Jack Sparrow costume, to getting a new Bible on Sunday from Mama and Daddy and more presents that week in the mail....I had a birthday that lasted several days!!!!