Friday, April 24, 2009

Reading to my class

On Thursday, April 23, Mama visited my class! I just never know when she is going to show up :) She got to hear me read my story to the class, and hear my other classmates read as well. We had to write either a "fiction" or "non-fiction" story and the class had to guess which one it was. My story was about a man in the moon named Apricot :) I love Kindergarten and my wonderful teacher at Annie Belle Clark, Mrs. Patti Dean.

Rutland's Strawberry Farm

Mama took Andrey and me to Rutland's Strawberry Farm on Friday, April 17. We had a great time pickin' strawberries, and Andrey even picked about 15 pounds just for himself! He loves fruit, but doesn't like vegetables. I know he's glad we didn't go to the squash farm! We enjoyed some YUMMY strawberry ice cream after we were finished -

Easter pictures

The Easter bunny left us some goodies, including some "Spiderman eggs" hidden around the front yard! It was Andrey's first Easter basket, too!

Camping at Little Ocmulgee State Park

We have had our camper for a year, and we have been to some great places...and Little Ocmulgee State Park in McRae,GA has got to be one of our favorites! It is a beautiful park, with a nice lake, big playground, and fun activities including putt-putt golf, and REAL golf for Daddy (he and Andrey played and Daddy said Andrey was good at it! ) They had Easter activites including an egg hunt for children that weekend. We will definitely be back!!!

Camping, Monsters, and Aliens

During the first weekend of April, we met Daddy up in Perry, GA and camped at the Fair Harbor RV Park. Daddy was there for the Georgia Cattlemen's Convention. We went out to eat, went shopping at the mall and had our photo taken with the Easter Bunny, and went to see the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens."