Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet the Teachers

Andrey's biology class was my favorite! It is SO COOL! His teacher is Mrs. Hudson. We found the glass terrarium where our frogs are hiding :) Mama, Daddy, and Andrey caught frogs one night for Andrey to take to class (for extra points) - guess who the champion frog-catcher was? My Mama! :)

Calculus class with Mr. Horst. This is where Andrey sits in class.

Mr. Tibbett's American History class. This is one of Andrey's favorite classes. And just look, I got to sit in a REAL high school desk just like Andrey does every day! :)

Mrs. Abernathy's class. She teaches Andrey English and Literature.

High School Open House

Last night, we all went to Andrey's school for Open House. We got to see his classrooms and meet his teachers. His teachers all like Andrey. His Biology teacher talked about how bright Andrey is and how she "challenges her" with great questions in class. He is learning a lot at school, and not only about his classwork. He is getting a real taste of what it's like to be a student in America. We are proud of him!

"Meet the Teachers" in the gym

The lunch room area with flags of all fifty states.

Front entry hall.

The library. Andrey "hangs out" here before school and works on his homework.

Trip to McDonalds

Andrey, Mama, and I went to McDonalds after school on Monday for a snack and the new STAR WARS TOYS! I wanted "dark vader" and Yoda, but they didn't have those (of course there are only two other McDonalds in Tifton where we can look for them) but I had lots of fun playing with the Bobblehead Star Wars toys that I did get. Andrey and I love Star Wars, but for some reason he wasn't as interested in the toys as I was. :/ Mama says they look like "freaks" - but what does she know??? :)

Hey Fay

Keaton loves to play in the rain (when there is no thunder and lightning, of course :) This weekend during tropical storm Fay, Keaton had a ball playing in the wind and rain and building a "beaver hut" out of anything he could find. Boys will be boys....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off to school!

Andrey heads into Tift County High School on August 21, 2008. He is taking Calculus, American History, Biology, and American English and Literature. He said his favorite class is American History, taught by John Tibbetts. Andrey has made friends with the Tibbetts family and they had him over to spend the afternoon and have dinner on Sunday. He and Ryan Tibbetts, who is also a junior, are good friends.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickle Monster

Keaton and Andrey with their shirts that Papa sent them from his trip out west...including Yellowstone!

The Tickle Monster strikes!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Homework!!!

On Tuesday, August 12, I got my first homework assignment from my teacher, Mrs. Dean. Mama says this is only the beginning......! I did my homework before I could play with my toys or watch television - that is the rule :( My homework was to write my name on the lines, and I did a great job. I am learning so much, and I love kindergarten!

Andrey at Karate

Here is Andrey practicing Karate on Tuesday, August 12. HE IS AWESOME!!!!

Here I am at the Lionheart Karate Studio waiting for Andrey at his practice. I am cutting out superheroes from coloring books (my favorite new thing to do!) and watching Batman on the portable DVD player :)

Time for a haircut....

Andrey and I got a good haircut on Friday - :) Thanks, Mr. Scott!

Friday, August 08, 2008

First day of school!

We went to Open House at Annie Belle Clark Elementary School on Wednesday night. Mrs. Dean is my Kindergarten teacher! We are very excited - she is a great teacher. I yelled "KINDERGARTEN ROCKS!!!" as I got my picture made. That is the name of a book we have been reading this summer :)

Andrey and I are ready to go on the first day of school.


Going into my school with my new Transformers backpack.........

Pool/ Pizza Party

On Tuesday evening, August 3, we were invited to the home of Alan and Nancy Garner and their daughters Kayla and Kara. The Garners are hosting a German exchange student named Amelie. We enjoyed meeting her and all had a great time together. Andrey and Amelie are both with the AYUSA Student Exchange Program. That stands for "A Year in the United States"!

Andrey, Amelie, and Kayla :)

Andrey meets Mary Morton, our Regional Director from Byron, GA who joined us at the Garners' home. Keaton is in the pool in the background :)

Lisa with Mary Morton

Locating Emelie and Andrey's homes on the globe -

Mary with Andrey and Amelie -