Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stephen Foster State Park, White Springs, FL

I want to share some pictures from our great camping trip this weekend to Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida. It's about two hours from our house. We love our camper because we get to go to some really wonderful places for fun trips and "take our little house" with us!
They had a health and wellness fair while we were there, and a nice lady gave me a massage (I'm all about a massage!!!) and I enjoyed seeing all the toys in the crafts store and bought some "sticky rocks" with some of my birthday money (they are magnetic and are reallllly cool!!)
We went shopping in the little town of White Springs (Mama and I love antique shops!) and Mama said this was one of her favorite places to ride her bike because it is so beautiful and she loves all the Spanish moss.
The Stephen Foster museum was GREAT! They had dioramas which depicted songs that he wrote, and there were pianos including at least two that he played. I loved the dioramas because they had "moving parts" and the fires and moon were even lit up!!
We also heard beautiful Stephen Foster music played on a big bell tower, or Carillon. We got to go inside the bell tower because there is a museum downstairs in it.
(Oh, and I loved playing my new SPONGEBOB SORRY game in our camper!!!) I can read the cards and everything now!!! Thanks for the great birthday gift, Aunt Courtney!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Big 8th Birthday Party!

I had a BIG birthday party last week to celebrate my 8th birthday! We had it at our church's Family Life Center and it was sooooo much fun! Thanks to everyone who came and made my birthday party so special!!!

Goats and more goats....

We are the proud new owners of (now 13) goats! They live on a farm about 15 miles from our house. I want to show goats in 4-H one day! I am learning a lot about how to take care of them and keep them safe.

Visit with the Lacys

We had a great visit with Papa, Grandbob, Aunt Dena, and Uncle Kevin on the weekend of August 27. We had a lot of fun - the girls went shopping while the guys did "guy stuff" which I like the best! I hope they can come again really soon :)