Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We made an Indian head-dress and a Pilgrim Hat in our 1st grade class! I told Mama that Miss Bullington went out and killed a peacock so we could make these hats.....

Keaton's Moctr Story!

My moctr can et uor head off.

My mostr has 19 eyes.

He can bowfiur.

He can flp yuo, wil make dele cosans (translation: deadly consequences)

He is green red organgetoo.

He can scer yuo!

(published without permission)

Look who we saw while camping.....

Well, actually I don't know who we saw at Laura Walker State Park in Waycross, GA last weekend. They were all dressed up like knights and wizards and had cool swords and shields....they were AWESOME to sword-fight with and thought I was a pretty neat kid...(and you thought camping was just about hotdogs and s'mores!!!!)

A great place to do homework....

Daddy bought me this cool little desk from a school that was closing down - now it is my favorite place to do my homework! Of course, when I am finished with my homework, I can get on with more important things like dressing up like Indiana Jones and playing with my legos, playing with my dragon "Puff," playing games on my Playstation, etc. etc. etc.....

Bulldog of the Month!

I was chosen Bulldog of the Month for October in Miss Bullington's class! Mama and Daddy came to a special breakfast for me and the other Bulldogs of the Month winners....I got my picture made with Dr. Smith (who was laughing because I put "rabbit ears" behind his head right before the picture), and Miss Bullington made a poster of me and hung it outside our door!

Superhero Party at Chick-Fil-A

Mama took David Rakestraw and me to Chick-Fil-A to their Superhero Party! We had a lot of fun, and saw some real superheroes - policemen and firemen who work for our City. David was Mario and I was a character from Star Wars (I am so many that Mama can't remember which one I was on this particular day.....)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Happy Halloween!

We had a super-fun Halloween this year! It started off with my great friend Layton Abbott's birthday party at Dream-In Gymnastics that morning. Then later on we went to the Brookfield Baptist Church Fall Festival (where I met a Storm Trooper!!) I was Jango Fett, a Bounty Hunter from Star Wars!!! Then we went trick-or-treating near ABAC and off Carpenter Road, and visited one of our favorite places, the house on Florida Drive. It is a little "over the top" - don't know what that means, but that's what my Mama says. We got some "ghost lady popcorn" again this year! Then we went to the house on Emory Drive where they have a haunted trail. We had to wait in line a long time to go through. It was scccaaaaaaaaaaaaaareeeeeeeeeeeee! I was screaming so loud - almost louder than Mama was! haha Plus, I got a BUNCH of candy -I was having so much fun that I told Mama and Daddy that I wanted to trick-or-treat until I fainted (and I almost did at the Haunted Trail!!!)