Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Firestation Fieldtrip!

My class from the Tift County Pre-K Center visited the Tifton Fire Department on Monday morning, September 24. Mama was there, too! We learned all kinds of interesting things, and I can't stop talking about the fire safety video, especially the "mean pot of boiling water." Actually, I can't stop talking, period. But that's another story. Just ask my teacher, Mrs. Norton! :)

This is my class!!!

I'm sorry this video is sideways - my Mama couldn't flip it, so just tilt your head to the right and watch this fireman slide down the pole! COOL!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm a "Bwue Debil!"

Mama and Daddy took me to the Tift County High School Homecoming football game last night! We tailgated with some friends and had a great time. My favorite part was the team busting through the big sign and smoke coming out! How'd they do that??? I made it through the first half and most of the homecoming half-time show, then Mama and Daddy took me home....and we saw a lot of other mamas and daddys taking their kids home too. I fell asleep in 5 seconds when I finally laid down on my bed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Wow, did I have a fun birthday party! I love to eat at The Cracker Barrel, and I told Mama that I wanted to have my party there with the Cracker Barrel man. At first she didn't know what I was talking about, but I told her the Cracker Barrel man is the man on the sign (if you look closely at the Cracker Barrel sign in front of the restaurant you will know what I am talking about!) So, what did my Mama and Daddy do? They found the Cracker Barrel man! He played his banjo at my party. We had lots of fun and I enjoyed dancing to the music as you will soon see. Mama made me a "cupcake tree" and I had lots of great presents to open. Thank you to our friends the Rakestraws, the Richardsons, my bestest friend WYLE Richardson, and Drew Richardson and his girlfriend Miss Melissa for joining us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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My Mama went to New York City!

My Mama went to New York City since that's how she wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday (yes, I know you thought she was 30, but surprise, surprise!) with her good friend Angie Stoecker. They did lots of fun things as you will see in these pictures, and this isn't even everything! Maybe Mama will take me with her next time because she said there is lots for little boys to do there, but we are going to Disney World in October and that sounds like more fun to me than some big ole' city!

Rockefeller Center

Mama and Angie went to Good Morning America on Friday morning, August 31 and got to to inside the studio. They saw George Stephanapoulus, Elizabeth Vargas, Wolfgang Puck, and had a picture made with Billy Ray Cyrus (hey, he's famous again now! :)

Absolutely no "touristy" things were included on this trip -

Times Square!

Ground Zero

Mary Poppins on Broadway was a highlight of the trip. Mama says it is the most amazing show she has ever seen!

"Mary Poppins" in Central Park -

Pizza in Little Italy. When you have walked 100 miles in one day you are entitled to a whole pizza: