Monday, August 09, 2010

First day of 2nd grade!

Can you believe it? I'm now in the 2nd grade! I have Mrs. Cynthia Lawrence at Annie Belle Clark Elementary School! I love seeing my friends and learning new things - it's going to be a great year -

Keaton Dance Performance to Justin Bieber Medley

Justin Bieber Fever Dance Camp!

I had so much fun at Justin Bieber Fever Dance Camp! I learned the moves to my favorite J.B. songs, and did such a great job and enjoyed it so much that Mama enrolled me in a hip-hop class that will start meeting once a week at Peyton's Pointed Toes Dance Center. I can't wait!

Fun at Aunt Courtney's!

We stayed at Aunt Courtney's when Mama went to her high school reunion the last weekend in July. I had so much fun (as usual!) and even started a rock band with John Neil and Charles Bradley - and of course swimming in the pool!