Monday, May 27, 2013

Dance Recital!

This is the second year I have been enrolled at Carolyn Ellis School of Dance, and our big end-of-the-year recital was yesterday.  I danced with my Hip Hop class to "Ice Ice Baby" and I was AWESOME!!!!  I love to dance :)

A Visit to the "Little White House"

On Tuesday, May 21, Mama and I went with Daddy to LaGrange, GA and heard him speak at the Cattlemen's meeting.  He always does a great job and we were very proud of him!  The next morning, we got up and went on a "school field trip" to the Little White House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's home in Warm Springs, GA.  We had studied FDR, the Great Depression, and the polio epidemic, so I was familiar with the story.  I loved seeing his cars and learning about his little Scottish terrier, Fala.  Did you know Fala got his own fan mail?  You could also see scratches on the window that they think were from Fala ;)  The reason I'm not in any of pictures is because Mama was taking pictures with her phone, and then realized on the way back that she didn't have any (time for a new phone!!!)  So, she "borrowed" some online - :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Daddy the Spearfisherman

Daddy and his friend Dan Matthews ("Diver Dan") went spearfishing off the coast of Jacksonville this weekend and look what they caught!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

RA's and Young Musicians Choir at church

I loved 4th grade RA's this year at FBC Tifton - especially the campouts and the RA Racer event.  My dad was one of my teachers this year :).  Here are all the RA's - 1st through 6th grade.  I am in the middle on the next to the back row.  Also, this year I was in the Young Musician's Choir at church, and we performed a great show called "Parabalooza."  There were different "game shows" and lots of good music about the parables of Jesus. 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Tennessee Aquarium

On our way back home from our Mother's Day visits, we stopped in Pittsburgh, TN and had a great visit with our friend, Mr. Johnny Wade Gaspard.  Then, Mama, Daddy and me stopped in Chattanooga at The Tennessee Aquarium.  I would say this was a perfect science lesson!  It was AWESOME!!!

A visit with our Mimi

My great-grandmother lives in Hendersonville, TN and we got to go up and see her after our visit with Gigi and Mr. James.  We took her and our friend Mrs. Sandra out to eat at Cheddars that night, and then had breakfast with her on Monday morning before heading home.  We love our Mimi!

Mother's Day with Mimi

My great-grandmother and me

Breakfast with Mimi

Mimi's grandfather - Andrew Jethro McKee.  That would make him my Great-Great-Great Grandfather!   Mama, Mimi, and Mrs. Sandra went through a lot of pictures during our visit, and Mama was happy to discover this and many other wonderful family pictures.

Mimi's grandparents - Jethro and Frances Ballard McKee. 

Gigi and Mr. James! Happy Mother's Day Weekend 2013

We had such a great visit with my grandparents this past weekend, Gigi and Mr. James.  One of the most fun things we did was go to Cathedral Caverns - a HUGE cave.  Daddy and I loved it.  Mama was happy to go but more happy to get out.  While we were there, I also got to "pan for gold" - well, at least I got a lot of fool's gold, minerals, and assorted "gems."  Thanks, Mr. James, for the "big bag of dirt" that had a LOT of surprises in it.  We also got to go to the Space Center and see the IMAX film, "Space Junk." theatre ever, by the way.  There's a lot of junk up there spinning around, for your information.  That night we went to eat Mexican and it was delicious; actually all the food that weekend was delicious (Gigi is a great cook!)  We went to church the next morning on Mother's Day and then headed up to Hendersonville, TN to see our Mimi, my great-grandmother.


Dancing for Gigi

Behold...the cave!

Panning for gold!!!

 Which rocks and minerals do I have?

The last time Mama liked a cave....

It's cool down here - really.

Gigi and me!

My new bat!
The SPACE CENTER!  We loved the IMAX film and seeing the gift shop...and the "planet information centers" outside.