Friday, February 28, 2014

Keaton in 3-D!!!

Keaton is great at geometry!  Today he created 3-D shapes such as a cylinder, cone, cube and square pyramid.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Mama took my good friend Tyson and me roller skating last weekend at Stardust Skate Center in Albany, GA.  WELL - I am officially hooked!  I have only been skating one week, and am already good at it!  Mama, Daddy, and I went yesterday and Mama got out there with me.  I was participating in the Dance-Offs - doing my moves with skates on!  And doing the splits (on purpose) with my skates on!  Just ask my Mama how coordinated I am ;)  I LOVE SKATING!!!

Don't worry, I am wearing light-up glasses ;)

"SNOW" Day!

The schools in Tifton, including Keaton Academy, were closed for a day for SNOW!  Well, at least it was South Georgia snow - !  Mostly ice and a little sleet, with maybe a few snowflakes mixed in.  But I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  Oh, and I wanted to "save the snow" in some ziploc bags - !

RA Basketball

I love playing RA Basketball in January!  We had a great 2014 season, even though there were only two church teams participating (we split 4 games 2-2)

A Visit to Hendersonville

Daddy had a meeting in Murfreesboro, TN so we went up early and spent time with Uncle Scotty, Aunt Kim, and our Mimi!  We had such a great visit, and got to see Mimi's new room that she will be moving into soon.

G-Daddy and Me

G-Daddy and I like to "piddle" in his back yard - and check out that Greenhouse!

Breakfast at Uncle Victor's

Before we went home, we had a great visit with Uncle Victor and Aunt Sharlene - they invited us all out to have a "kick butt" breakfast.  It was so good and Uncle Victor is soooo funny.  I even got to practice my blacksmith skills!  And check out Uncle Dewan!  He looks like he's on Duck Dynasty :)

 Aunt Brenda and I are almost the same height!

Aunt Dena's Pawn Shop

We are so proud of our Aunt Dena - she is the proud owner of "Dena's Pawn Shop and More."  But watch out for my Grandbob - she is packing heat!

Christmas at Grandbob's and Papa's

Next it was off to Mississippi and a fun Christmas with Grandbob, Papa, Aunt Dena, and Uncle Kevin, and of course that meant more presents for me :)

Christmas morning!

We were at house on Christmas Day this year - and Santa came to see me :)

More fun at Uncle Eric's

Lots of family came in on December 21 - we opened gifts and feasted on a delicious meal prepared by Aunt Gina and Grammy!