Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Karate Belt!

Saturday, January 28 was a big day in the Lacy Household! We all earned the next level in our karate belts. I earned my orange belt, and Mama and Daddy both earned their high green belts. It was a lot of hard work, but we did it! Now I will be in the intermediate class with Mama and Daddy. :)

Providence Canyon!

We had our first camping trip of the year on the weekend of January 13. We camped at Florence Marina State Park which is right on the border of Alabama and Georgia. On Saturday, we hiked and had a picnic at Providence Canyon, which is known as "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon." The canyon was formed by soil erosion and poor farming techniques, whatever that means. Anyway, it was really pretty and we thought it was really pretty. Our beagle Mac had a great time - he loves to go camping! This trip was pretty fun, too, because our family all rode our bikes together. I have decided that I love riding my bike, and got lots of practice on this trip. We also went on another "GeoCaching" Hunt, where you map the coordinates of a "treasure box," find it, take a treasure, and leave a treasure. Most all of the Georgia State Parks have this fun activity. This GeoCache was the hardest one to find - but we FINALLY found it!
This is what happens when you drive your car down into Providence Canyon.....!
We found the GeoCache!

Bellingrath Gardens

On the Tuesday after Christmas, Mama and Daddy and Grandbob and I went to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile to see the Christmas lights! They were like....WOW!!! We had never seen so many lights in one place - it really was pretty and I loved every minute of it....

Christmas with Grandbob and Papa

Christmas was very special this year with Grandbob and Papa, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Dena, and cousins Skye and Grace. We had a BIG meal together on Christmas Eve, and I left cookies and orange drink out for Santa (he needed a change from all that milk :) I woke up the next morning and found lots of goodies under the tree - I got all the Harry Potter books, Beyblades, candy, TAKIS (a Mexican corn chip that I am currently obsessed with!) and other fun things. We went to church on Christmas morning which was great, and then had family pictures made. I had fun playing with my new things the rest of our visit, and Grace and Skye played my Lego Ninjagos with me :) I love my family!

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas! It started out at Grammy and G-Daddy's, where we had a yummy meal and opened presents with them and Aunt Courtney, Rachel, and Uncle Eric! Mama "freaked out" when she saw Uncle Eric - she didn't know he was coming :)