Monday, March 17, 2008

The future's so bright.........

......I gotta wear shades!!! :)

Keaton's Kamper!

I got the best present ever last week! I got a great new camper! We love it! We like to hang out in it and play games and do all kinds of fun stuff, and I got to spend the night in it on Friday with my dad and Uncle Kevin. We like to "camp" at home, and will be taking it to camp other places (like Panama City during Spring Break!) as well. I can't wait! And check out my bunk bed - it is so fun to play and sleep in! It sure is fun being a little boy :) :)

Uncle Kevin, me, and Papa! We had so much fun together this weekend as they fixed our "broken home" - that's what I called our house after the tree fell on our porch! :/ :)

Here's Keaton's Kamper!!!!

Never fear - Underdog is here!