Thursday, July 31, 2014

A trip to Brazil

Well......kind of. We went to a Brazillian steak house and I don't recommend it for vegetarians. ..Although they do have a great salad bar (I have a new spinach with ranch dressing!!) We were with the people from Daddys meeting, including our good friends Wilson and Linda Grey from Idaho. Mama and Daddy know them from being together on other trips in the past. Mrs. Linda and Mama hung out together in Alaska and Canada while Daddy and Mr. Wilson were in their meetings. Glad I can be with them for this one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Planetarium Time!

Today Mama and I swam in the hotel pool and went to the Salt Lake City Planetarium!  I love science so this was perfect for me. .We saw a great I MAX movie called Our Exploding Universe. Then we did some shopping and saw a really pretty refurbished Train Depot.

The Cheesecake Factory!!!

After the visit to Temple Square we went to the most awesome restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory... it was incredible! Our waiters name was Tyson which is also the name of 1 of my best friends in Tifton!  We also walked around a beautiful outdoor mall and I loved playing in the pop-up fountains.

Trax Train and Salt Lake City

We checked into our hotel and later boarded a Trax train for Temple Square. We walked around and went to the visitors center. It was very pretty. Later I couldn't remember the word Mormon and called them "Jesus People." :)


I don't remember my first airplane rides from Moscow to New York and New York to Atlanta....but I really enjoyed yesterday's flights from Atlanta to Phoenix and Phoenix to Salt Lake City! I told Mama I was scared, nervous and happy :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A visit to Uruguay

Well not really....but there is a good restaurant in Atlanta where they serve authentic Uruguayan food. Daddy has told us about the great food on his trips there so it was a special trip for all of us!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Keaton at Keaton Beach!

I went with Daddy on a scuba diving trip !! I didn't get to scuba dive of course. ..but I did a lot of swimming in the ocean :) Can't wait to do it again.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Experiencing a Different Culture

A man that Daddy works with is an African Chief!  Dr. Greg Fonsah hosted his countrymen, all originally from Cameroon, here in Tifton, GA at the UGA Conference Center and we went to the Fundraising Banquet.  I had my picture made with Dr. Greg and also the Mayor of Tifton, Jamie Cater!


The week after we went to Jekyll Island, I went to ANOTHER Summer Camp!  This time it was to Anderson, SC for CentriKid Camp.  Other than not taking a shower all week, I did great.  Hey, I'm a boy, what do you expect?!  I loved hanging out with my "brother" Tyson :)

Jekyll Island

Earlier this month, Daddy had a meeting on Jekyll Island and of course Mama and I went with him!  The best part was that I got to be with my friend Julia again.  One day she and her parents came to our hotel for the day, and the next day we went to see her on St. Simons Island.  I loved the pool, the beach, and touring the St. Simons Marina with Mama and Daddy :)