Sunday, September 24, 2006

Soccer Star!

This is my first year to play a sport! I am in the Micro-Soccer League at the Tiftarea YMCA. We have a co-ed team....that means they let the girls play with us :) Guess who my coach is? MY DADDY! He is the best. He likes coaching me and learning more about me and he is learning a lot!

These are pictures from my first game. Actually, it is not my first game, just the first game I participated in. :/ I did really well. I even scored a goal for each team!

I am NUMBER ONE! (I know it looks like my Mama picked out my jersey, but she didn't!)

First things first: Find some people I don't know on the bleachers and entertain them (whether they want me to or not).

Warming up!

Throw me the ball, Daddy!

Keaton, you're on!

Gatorade Break!

Huddle time

High Fives at the end of the game -

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My SPIDERMAN Birthday Party!!!

For those of you who may not know, I am going to be FOUR YEARS OLD on Thursday, September 7! I had a GREAT birthday party - just look who my special guest of honor was!!!

We had the party at the Tiftarea YMCA pool, and I was busy swimming and looked up and had the BIGGEST SURPRISE!

Spidey took time out from fighting the bad guys to come to MY party!

Spidey hung out with my friends and me!

Spidey left for a minute and came back with my BIRTHDAY CAKE! It was the best cake ever. Thank you Spidey!

After Spidey left, my friends sang Happy Birthday to Keaton!

Thank you to all my friends who came and brought me such great birthday presents!

Here I am with my good buddy Caden Brooks. We are both from Stavropol, Russia and we both LOVE SPIDEY!

And of course, Spidey LOVES THE LADIES! And, they love him. I had a SUPER SPIDEY BIRTHDAY PARTY!