Friday, August 30, 2013

Harry Potter!

Our library hosted a special "Harry Potter Birthday" on July 30 and it was awesome.  Of course I had the perfect outfit to wear, since I was Harry Potter for Halloween in 2011 (minus the glasses, but then again, I am an older Harry Potter now!)  Hedwig was a big hit :)

Summer 2013!

This summer was SPECTACULAR!!!  In July I attended Camp Lee for the second time - our church's children's camp.  I look forward to it every year now.  Next up was CAMP KEATON after a fun visit with Gigi and Mr. James.  Then it was on to the grandparents' in Lucedale - Grammy and G-Daddy and Grandbob and Papa - before Mama and Daddy came to bring me home.  Here are some photos of my no particular order...! ;)

With Rachel, my favorite Samford college student and awesome cousin!!!

Night swims with Uncle John!

I want to be just like John Neil

When I got to Aunt Courtney's I immediately jumped in the pool!!!

A lego surprise at Aunt Courtney's

John Neil is the most awesome dude


Tuckered out after Camp Lee

Gigi, John Neil, and me

Gigi and me

Skye and me playin' around at Mr. Gatti's in Hattiesburg

What's up Charlie?

Enjoying my coffee at Grandbob's and Papa's

Grace, Skye, and me!!

Uncle John, John Neil, G-Daddy,and Daddy

Grammy feeds us well!

Grammy and G-Daddy's yard is a "work of art"

Me and my G-Daddy