Thursday, May 31, 2007

Singin' in the Rain

I was sooooooooo happy today because we finally got some rain this afternoon! We haven't had any rain to speak of in over three months!! It was so great to see the rain!!!!

Check this out!!!!

My Mama says she feels like she has to get ready this quick now that she has me around. We love this video from "America's Got Talent" last year!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Diver Dan goes to Destin

I had so much fun last week visiting my grandparents in Lucedale, MS! Mama and Daddy didn't have as much fun as I did, as you can tell from the pictures. They had to go to the beach without me, which doesn't sound like much fun at all, if you ask me.

We met G-Daddy and Grammy at Crestview, FL at the McDonald's - I LOVE McDonald's! - and they had air hockey!!! Then we had ice cream with G-Daddy and Grammy and I told them I wanted to go to their house...and they said okay!!! YEA!

Poor Mama and Daddy were stuck on the beach in a little shack on Seagrove Beach that belongs to our friends Aunt Angie and Uncle Robin. They said they had fun with them, but I don't believe it for one second.

My Daddy is certified in scuba diving and he and Mama went out in the Gulf so that he could dive and Mama could "bubble watch" - :)

They learned that it is a tradition on diving excursions to serve fresh pineapple between dives. My Daddy had never tried fresh pineapple before, but now he loves it. Mama even bought him a handy-dandy pineapple cutter like they had on the boat!

This was the divemaster on the boat - he has been diving for almost 30 years!

Here is my Daddy jumping in the water for his second dive of the day!!!

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Here are my Mama and Daddy with Mr. Robin and Miss Angie - about to go to Baytown Wharf in Destin without me - sounds boring without a wild 4 year old to keep them company!

Mama and Miss Angie took a walk on the beach the next morning - without me, of course. How sad for them.

On Mother's Day, Grandbob and Papa and I came to rescue Mama and Daddy from their misery. We met at Cracker Barrell in Crestview. Daddy got to see his Mama on Mother's Day! I had a GREAT vacation with my grandparents. Maybe Mama and Daddy will have more fun this summer when they can take me places. Hang in there, Mama and Daddy!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Me Tarzan!

I love TARZAN!!!!! Mama even made me a "loincloth" that I regularly wear around the house (Mama won't let me wear it to school!) I like to run around like Tarzan and show my muscles. Also, Tarzan was adopted JUST LIKE ME!!! Even Superman was adopted :)

I'm with the Band!

This weekend is Titon's "Love Affair" Arts Festival (named because it started on Love Avenue!) Last night was a picnic in the park with a live band, and guess-who was up on stage performing with them! I made Mama really jealous because I found several women (Yes, Women) to dance with! I am a flirt + a good dancer = dangerous combination!!! :)

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Strawberry Fields Forever

There are lots of beautiful Strawberry Farms around Tifton - we recently went with our friends the Rakestraws to Rutland Strawberry Farm, and picked strawberries and had some strawberry ice cream :) YUM!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Easter pictures

We had a fun Easter, with good friends and several Egg Hunts! We had our Easter Dinner with our friends The Chen family, and Angie Stoecker. Then we went outside for an egg hunt. The day before, we went to a Picnic/Egg Hunt hosted by our church. I didn't want to hunt eggs at first....then Mama told me that there was candy in the eggs. I went around and shook all the eggs I found - if I didn't hear anything in the egg, I threw it down and looked for another one!