Thursday, January 12, 2006

A new friend from Stavropol!

I was so excited to meet my new friend who is from the same place I'm from - Stavropol, Russia! My Mama met his parents awhile back when Mama spoke at an Adoption Seminar sponsored by the hospital. Mr. Dan and Mrs. Tammy decided to adopt from Russia and use our wonderful agency, Adoptions and Aid International. Now Adams is home with his Mama and Daddy. Here are some pictures of us at Cici's Pizza yesteray. Adams is soooooooo cute and soooooooo sweet! We love him!

Monday, January 02, 2006


Hi everyone! We had a wonderful Christmas in south Mississippi with my family there! Santa Claus came to see me and I got some great presents! One of my favorites is a TRAMPOLINE from Grandbob and Papa. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. The first one is me dressed up like RUDOLPH. And, there is one of my Mama, Daddy, and me on Christmas morning.

Christmas pictures

If you don't believe in Santa, these pictures will prove to you that YOU ARE WRONG! He came to see me on Christmas morning to give me my presents. He told me he was really tired, and and I was his last stop before he went back to the North Pole. He brought me lots of presents including "A Snowman and a Snake" - the two things I asked for this year!!!

Papa and I had so much fun on Christmas afternoon!

One of our Christmas traditions is to ride on G-Daddy's Red Neck Sleigh! Here are my Aunt Courtney, Uncle John, and Rachel and John Neil on the RED NECK SLEIGH! YEE HAW!

More Christmas pictures

I got to visit my G-Daddy at his Edward Jones office in Lucedale - he has lots of fun things to play with there!!!

My cousins Rachel and John Neil got a REAL LIVE PUPPY FROM SANTA CLAUS!!!!! Her name is Dottie, or Spottie, I can't remember - but she is really cute and best of all she survived after I played too hard with her. She's a little smaller than our Georgia May!!!

We had Christmas dinner at Grammy and G-Daddy's! It was fun, since I got to watch the "GRINCH" while everybody else ate. Grammy, you are a great cook! I especially like your white pretzels!!!!

Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina gave me a BATMAN and a FLASH action heroes!!!! I love them!! I play with them, bathe with them, and sleep with them, so I guess you can say they are part of the family now!

Grammy shares a secret with me!