Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Bumble Bee Trick or Treats!

I had lots of fun TRICK OR TREAKING for the first time! I dressed up like a Bumble Bee and Buzzed around to get lots of candy. My dog Georgia May dressed up like a Bumble Bee, too! We rode in a hay ride around a nice neighborhood with our friends Mrs. Polly, Mr. Charles, and Elizah. I thought I was supposed to go in the houses, and one time I decided to trade my sticky lollipop for a new batch of candy. I didn't think the lady would mind me adding my sucker to her basket of candy, but Mama and Daddy wouldn't let me. Oh well. We went to the Fall Festival, too, and I got on a fun slide and played my own version of lucky ducks! It was a very fun night!

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