Monday, January 02, 2006

More Christmas pictures

I got to visit my G-Daddy at his Edward Jones office in Lucedale - he has lots of fun things to play with there!!!

My cousins Rachel and John Neil got a REAL LIVE PUPPY FROM SANTA CLAUS!!!!! Her name is Dottie, or Spottie, I can't remember - but she is really cute and best of all she survived after I played too hard with her. She's a little smaller than our Georgia May!!!

We had Christmas dinner at Grammy and G-Daddy's! It was fun, since I got to watch the "GRINCH" while everybody else ate. Grammy, you are a great cook! I especially like your white pretzels!!!!

Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina gave me a BATMAN and a FLASH action heroes!!!! I love them!! I play with them, bathe with them, and sleep with them, so I guess you can say they are part of the family now!

Grammy shares a secret with me!

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