Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Braves and a visit to San Antonio

Mama and Daddy enjoyed a visit to watch the Braves lose in Atlanta with my Uncle Greg, Aunt Brenda, cousin Alison, and Alison's boyfriend Trey. They had a great time together especially since Daddy got them awesome seats IN THE SHADE! He was the hero! After the game, Ali took them all to a restaurant called "Six Feet Under" which is across from the cemetery where Bobby Jones of golf fame and Margaret Mitchell of Gone with the Wind fame are buried. Since our grandfather was a mortician, we knew he would have been proud of us for paying our respects - ha :)

Goofy redneck Braves fans were everywhere. This one let Mama take his picture -

Mama and Daddy then flew to San Antonio, Texas for a meeting he had there. It was our second visit to the city and to the Riverwalk. They enjoyed the scenery and ate way too much Mexican food.

They shopped at the marketplace and visited one of the best restaurants in town, Mi Tierra, where they got serenaded. They also enjoyed the Riverwalk, and there is a video below of it if you have never been there. It is very pretty but the water is not-all-that. At the Rivercenter Mall, Mama ran into her first cousin Craig Vincent from Lucedale, MS and his wife Dena. SMALL WORLD! She really enjoyed catching up with them!


Mama and Daddy flew back to Atlanta, then drove to Birmingham to GET ME! I had a GREAT TIME with my Aunt Courtney, Uncle John, and cousins John Neil and Rachel who live in Columbus, MS. Aunt Courtney got a special gift from San Antonio that was made in Mexico - imagine that! Thanks for playing with me so much and doing such fun things with me, including learning how to PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!!!

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