Monday, October 15, 2007

BOO TO YOU! from Disney World!

We had the best time at Disney World! Mama, Daddy, and I went to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5. I LOVE Halloween, and I LOVE Disney, so it was the perfect place for me. Mama even surprised me with a Not-So-Scary Skeleton costume to wear in the park each night! Everyone loved my costume :)

We stayed at the Omni Resort at Champion's Gate in Kissimmee -

The M&M/Mars Company was having a big convention at our hotel. Jack Sparrow appeared in the lobby as we were checking in - I think maybe he was there to entertain the "candy people." He talked to me a for a long time, and we saw the same Jack Sparrow on the Pirate Float in the Disney World Halloween Parade!!!

Giant pumpkins greeted us at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom!

Main Street, USA!

The Villains did a special show at Cinderella's castle, and I got to meet some really bad guys (and girls!) -

It's a Small World one was one of our favorites - this is our favorite part - the dolls in Russia :)

Here we are on Main Street -

Floats in the "Boo to You" Parade that we got to see both nights -

I got to trick-or-treat all over the Magic Kingdom -

BOO-gying at the Dance Party in Ariel's Grotto -

You can't go to Disney World and not ride Dumbo!

A Skeleton in Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood -

Emporer Zurg!

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