Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Kamping with Keaton!

This past weekend we went to General Coffee State Park which is near Douglas, GA in Coffee County. It is about an hour from our house, and is a beautiful State Park! There are so many fun places to go camping that are so close to our house, so looks like we'll be able to vacation even with gas prices the way they are! Anyway, we had a beautiful campsite with moss-covered trees and a playground right behind our camper!!! YEA! And I had lots of fun as the "pirate captain" on our canoe ride around the lake. They even had a little farm with lots of animals, and I got to pet a baby goat. They had chickens just like Grammy has in her "Chicken Condo" which I can't wait to see :) We also went on a nature trail and I wanted to find a snake but unfortunately didn't see one. Mama said that was a great Mother's Day present to get to go camping with ME!!!

Ready to go camping again!

General Coffee State Park

We shared the campground with other families....

Our campsite picnic table -

A playground right behind our campsite! YEA!

If you get this close to an alligator you better make sure he's in a glass tank!

A little baby goat....

What is this?

Pirate captain!

Eat too many hotdogs on your camping trip and this might happen....

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