Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our trip to St. Marys

We had a great trip to St. Marys, GA this weekend! It is the cutest little town, and we camped at Crooked River State Park which is just a few miles away. On Saturday, we went to the waterfront at St. Marys and guess who was there? My friend Audrey from my class and her family! We coulnd't believe it! We had a great time visiting with them, and later I played on the big playgound with Audrey and her little brother Nick. We went to a little farmers market, saw the "St. Marys Pirate" at the Goodbread Bread and Breakfast, and had lunch at the Riverview Cafe. It was pretty chilly but we still sat outside to enjoy the pretty weather and scenery. We met a nice young man named Keegan who works at the restaurant, and he wanted his picture made with me because our names are so similar! Daddy, Andrey, and me when to the submarine museum while Mama did some shopping. Why you would rather go shopping than go to a submarine museum is beyond me, but that's a woman for you! We met the nicest people at our campground from Jacksonville, and Mr. Bruce reminded us of my G-Daddy! We also played on the playground and went on a hike on the Palmetto Trail. I can't wait to go camping again!

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