Saturday, May 30, 2009

A mystery trip!

Daddy took Mama on a SURPRISE TRIP last weekend! Of course, I was surprised too, but not as much as Mama. She told Daddy she had never packed for a trip and didn't know where she was going. We pulled up at a beautiful beach house at St. George Island, and around the corner came our friend Johnny Wade Gaspard! He and his family were vacationing there from Tennessee, and we joined them for their last couple of days on the island. Mama was so happy to see Mrs. Mandy and their three cute girls, Allie Mack, Ella, and Maggie. I LOVED playing with them! And...I decided that Ella is the one I'm going to marry, which is fine with Mama and Daddy! We fed the seagulls, played on the playground and the beach, and had some great seafood (well, at least everybody but me did!) We also caught two ghost crabs at the swimming pool :) The weather didn't cooperate just right for us, but we still had a wonderful time and hope to see our friends again soon!

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