Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving this year in Huntsville, AL with our family! I was so excited about going to Alabama to see them, but also because I love the song "Sweet Home Alabama" - I kept asking Daddy, "Are we in Alabama yet???" When we finally got to Alabama, Daddy cranked the radio up really loud with the song!!!

It was great to see Mimi, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Greg, Cousin Alison and Trey, and of course my cousin Charley :)

Aunt Brenda and I hung out in their cool outdoor "room" and I could have stayed their all night! We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Holiday Inn, and Aunt Brenda had a special treat planned for us - green olives and toasted pecans to go with our meal - I have no idea why but evidently that is a tradition that everyone used to enjoy at Mimi's house with holiday meals :) I was more impressed with the See-Threepio statue at the hotel - cool!!!! After lunch we went to Ali's elementary school playground that is a fun walk from Aunt Brenda and Uncle Greg's house - we had a ton of fun :)

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