Tuesday, June 15, 2010

School's Out Camping Trip

On the last day of school, Mama, Daddy, and I went on a camping trip to Amicalola Falls State Park in North Georgia. We had a great time hiking (I LOVE maps!) and seeing the beautiful falls. One reason we decided to go back (went went when I was really little and of course I don't remember it!) is that ever since going to see the movie "UP" I have wanted to visit a waterfull :) It was very exciting (I pretended I was Russell the Wilderness Adventurer. We went into Ellijay, GA one day and I discovered that I love antique stores (or maybe it was just that I was pretty successful finding some old Star Wars memorabilia!)We climbed the steps at the Falls which totaled over 1,200 - and I climbed every single one of them!!!! Oh, and we slept in a tent on this trip since it was way up in the mountains - I loved it and Mama said she will do it again - in about a year ;)

A giant pancake for lunch in Ellijay, GA!

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