Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year with Aunt Gina and Uncle Eric

Happy 2011! On New Year's Day, we drove up to Atlanta, GA to spend the weekend with my Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina. They have a beautiful new home, and we also got to see the new EYSTUDIOS offices and meet the staff (I bowed to each one that I met!) Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina took us out to eat Italian and Mexican food. We also went to a GREAT Arcade where we played games and went bowling. Then we went to see TRON LEGACY in IMAX 3D!!!! It was AWESOME! We also went to Best Buy and I got to play the XBOX (in addition to playing Playstation III and the Wi at Uncle Eric's cool house (I could have stayed there the whole time and been perfectly happy :) Mama and Daddy stopped in Macon, GA on the way home where we bought our Christmas present - a new flat screen HD TV which we love :) It was a FANTASTIC WEEKEND! Thank you Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina - I'm so glad you live in Georgia now!

OH- and I got to do a DANCE CONCERT for Mama, Daddy, Uncle Eric, and Aunt Gina, meet their cute dog Cookie, AND they gave me the coolest Christmas presents :) Can you tell I had a great time?!

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