Sunday, January 29, 2012

Providence Canyon!

We had our first camping trip of the year on the weekend of January 13. We camped at Florence Marina State Park which is right on the border of Alabama and Georgia. On Saturday, we hiked and had a picnic at Providence Canyon, which is known as "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon." The canyon was formed by soil erosion and poor farming techniques, whatever that means. Anyway, it was really pretty and we thought it was really pretty. Our beagle Mac had a great time - he loves to go camping! This trip was pretty fun, too, because our family all rode our bikes together. I have decided that I love riding my bike, and got lots of practice on this trip. We also went on another "GeoCaching" Hunt, where you map the coordinates of a "treasure box," find it, take a treasure, and leave a treasure. Most all of the Georgia State Parks have this fun activity. This GeoCache was the hardest one to find - but we FINALLY found it!
This is what happens when you drive your car down into Providence Canyon.....!
We found the GeoCache!

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