Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our trip to Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.!

My Daddy had a big meeting in Baltimore, MD, and Mama and I got to go with him.  It was like a "school field trip" for me, as we have been studying where the states are, and in history we have been studying Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.  We left on Tuesday afternoon, October 9, and first drove to Screven, GA so that Daddy could speak at a field day to a lot of cattle farmers.  It was at a really nice cabin out in a big field, and I had lots of fun playing with the other kids.  That night we drove all the way to Lumberton, NC and spent the night there. On Wednesday morning, we began our journey to Baltimore, going through Washington on the way up!  The traffic was TERRIBLE!  We checked into our hotel and then went with our friend Mr. Todd to eat at a nice restaurant where Mama got a Maryland crab cake (not me!!!)

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