Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gigi and Mr. James! Happy Mother's Day Weekend 2013

We had such a great visit with my grandparents this past weekend, Gigi and Mr. James.  One of the most fun things we did was go to Cathedral Caverns - a HUGE cave.  Daddy and I loved it.  Mama was happy to go but more happy to get out.  While we were there, I also got to "pan for gold" - well, at least I got a lot of fool's gold, minerals, and assorted "gems."  Thanks, Mr. James, for the "big bag of dirt" that had a LOT of surprises in it.  We also got to go to the Space Center and see the IMAX film, "Space Junk." theatre ever, by the way.  There's a lot of junk up there spinning around, for your information.  That night we went to eat Mexican and it was delicious; actually all the food that weekend was delicious (Gigi is a great cook!)  We went to church the next morning on Mother's Day and then headed up to Hendersonville, TN to see our Mimi, my great-grandmother.


Dancing for Gigi

Behold...the cave!

Panning for gold!!!

 Which rocks and minerals do I have?

The last time Mama liked a cave....

It's cool down here - really.

Gigi and me!

My new bat!
The SPACE CENTER!  We loved the IMAX film and seeing the gift shop...and the "planet information centers" outside.

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