Sunday, April 16, 2006

A visit from G-Daddy and Grammy

Last weekend I had a special visit from my G-Daddy and Grammy! We had such a great time together and they brought me a BATMAN OUTFIT! WOW! They played with me and read with me and it made me very happy. We took them to the Georgia Agrirama here in Tifton - it is an 1880's settlement with real live people and everything! They re-enact what it was like to live long ago. They had a Folklife Festival, and one highlight was the Turpentine exhibit. We all enjoyed seeing G-Daddy relive his memories working in the Turpentine industry to put himself through college. He even made a donation of a tree stump that had been used to get turpentine years ago. We got to ride the train, eat ice cream at the country store, see the sawmill in operation, and Mama even churned butter! WHEW! That is hard work. I'm glad mine comes from the refrigerator!

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