Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mama and Daddy went to Mexico!

Here are some pictures from my Mama and Daddy's trip to Mexico! They flew into Cancun and then went to the Iberostar Pariaso Beach resort. Mama earned the trip with her company Once Upon a Family and they had a great time! Daddy got to go scuba diving which is something he has wanted to do for a long time. Mama and her friend Jeni went Parasailing! She said she could look down and see Daddy scuba diving in the ocean, but I didn't believe her because I'm a smart boy! :) They went snorkeling and got to ride on a catamaran in the ocean. The resort was very beautiful and relaxing for them....and whenever they go back I hope they will take me! :)


We made it!

Mama and Daddy on the beach!

Mama and her friends on the beach...

It was a windy evening on the beach!

Dessert time!

La Cucaracha!

Mama and a friend at the pool....

Sailing on the catamaran....

Jeni and Lisa after parasailing......

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