Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mama and Daddy's trip to Alaska!

My Mama and Daddy went to Alaska! WOW! They had a great time during the last week in June...Daddy had a trip to Anchorage and they made the most of it. Actually, I had a better time than they did because I got to spend the week with My Aunt Courtney, Uncle John, and cousins Rachel and John Neil in Mississippi. Thank you for helping me have SO MUCH FUN at Kamp Keaton!!!
Here are some pictures from their trip (in no particular order as Mama is finally getting around to doing this after being home two weeks!) We are in Potty Training Boot Camp right now and I am proud to say that I am getting the hang of it pretty well (much to my Mama and Daddy's delight). Mama said that if we are going to say that I potty-trained when I am three years old, we are quickly running out of time so we better get it done!

Okay, so here are the pictures. The first one is of Mama and Daddy when they got to Anchorage after a long trip - they are in the hotel Lobby - looks like they are a little agitated and need some sleep.....

It is true that it never gets dark in Alaska this time of year! Mama talked to a man that said he likes to go fishing at midnight.

Daddy got to go hunting....and here are the pelts he brought back.

Okay, I am allowed one fib today. Actually these were at an outdoor market that Mama and Daddy went to on their first day in Alaska.

One day they rented bicycles and rode the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in Anchorage and saw a Bald Eagle and about five MOOSE! Here is a real "Moose Crossing"!

A highlight of their trip was a ride on the Alaska Railroad to Seward, Alaska. In Seward, they got on a nice boat where they had a delicious dinner and got to see all the beautiful sights. The scenery was incredible! They saw glaciers, a whale, sea lions, puffins, mountain sheep (Dahl Sheep), and a bear during the train ride. It was a looooooong day but so much fun and great memories to last forever. Their friends Wilson and Linda Gray went with them on this trip. The Grays were there for the meeting in Anchorage, too. They are from Idaho.

Mama and Mrs. Linda took a daytrip to Talkeetna, Alaska which is about two hours north of Anchorage. The tv show "Northen Exposure" was based on this eclectic little mountain village. It is the base camp fo Mount McKinley! Mama and Mrs. Linda were very fortunate to be able to see Mt. McKinley on their trip to Talkeetna, as it is only visible about 20% of the time during the summer. It was "out" for around 30 minutes that day!

The flowers were gorgeous in Alaska! With all that sunlight they get during the summer, all the flowers get really big....

A highlight for Mama was having lunch in a Russian cafe. The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia so there is a good bit of Russian influence there. She chatted with Anastasia at the cafe, and enjoyed borscht and pirozhiki for lunch. It was an emotional experience for her as she remembered her special trip to Russia three years ago when she became MY MAMA!!! :)


Grass growing on the roof at the Anchorage Visitor Center!

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