Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My first day of school!

I am a new student at the Pre-K Center and I love it! We do all sorts of fun things. I love my new teacher, Mrs. Norton. Her para-pro is Mrs. Horton! But, we call her Mrs. H so it won't be too confusing. I am learning new things and having fun at my "big boy school." We went to the Open House and I didn't want to leave! I had fun dressing up in real fire-fighter's uniform. Mrs. Norton's husband is a real fire-fighter! I had fun playing in the "kitchen" with my friend Aubrey. Mama took me to school the next morning on August 10 for my first full day. I was such a big boy and love my new Ben-10 Backpack. If you aren't familiar with Ben-10, he is a boy named Ben Tennyson who can turn into 10 aliens. He lives on the Cartoon Network. I love him!

My cubby at school! My cubby has a key on it. I find the key to know where to put my backpack.

Playing dress-up in the kitchen with my classmate Aubrey.

Check out my Ben-10 backpack!

My mama is proud of me!

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