Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Andrey in America

Andrey is having a great time in America and we have done quite a lot of things since he got here on Sunday! We really like having Andrey here with us and now that he is over his jet lag, I think he is having a a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of Andrey and me jumping on my trampoline - Andrey is very strong and athletic!

We went to a special church service Monday night and they had door prizes for the youth. Guess who won the very best prize of all? ANDREY! He won an Ipod!!!! Can you believe it???!!! Here is Andrey with his new friend Drew Richardson. Andrey is famous now for winning the Ipod :)

We took Andrey to LaCabana here in Tifon for his first taste of Mexican food. He liked it a lot :) He is trying new foods and actually tried peanut butter for the first time today - he likes it best with jelly :)

Here is a picture of Andrey in his new Karate studio and one of Andrey and me in our Tift County t-shirts - we match! YOU SHOULD SEE Andrey do Karate! He is awesome. He can even do pushups on his fingertips. I hope I can take Karate one day!

Here we are in the Tift County High School gymnasium - it is really big and very nice. Andrey liked it a lot.

Here is Andrey signing up for his classes with Mrs. Tucker at the high school.

I had so much fun watching Andrey at Karate practice last night. I said it was "the best movie ever!!!" I brought my Kung Fu Panda toys with me so they could watch Andrey too. We watched him from a special room upstairs.

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