Saturday, October 04, 2008

2008 Georgia National Fair

On Saturday, October 4, we went up to Perry, Georgia for the Georgia National Fair. This is a BIG fair that lasts for 10 days!!!! The AYUSA Student Exchange program had a booth at the fair, and our coordinator Mary Morton took several of the Exchange students to visit the Democratic Party (NoBama) booth and the Republican Party (We're voting for the ole' man and the HOT chick!!!!). We had some delicious "fair food" and Daddy, Andrey and I rode a few rides while Mama helped out at the Exchange Student booth. Amelie, our German exchange student friend who lives with another family here in Tifton, rode with us for the day.

Louisa from Germany, Andrey from Russia (our favorite exchange student :), NoBama Supporter, Dominick from Sweden, and Amelie from Germany

GO McCAIN/PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama's favorites...

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