Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fine Dining in Georgia

On Friday, September 26, we drove through Chipley, Florida on our way to Mississippi to visit Grandbob, Papa, Nene, G-Daddy, Grammy, and all our family who lives in Lucedale. But of course we had to eat on the way over there :) Daddy stopped at a boiled peanut stand for Mama since she is now addicted to boiled peanuts. Then we stopped at Waffle House. Andrey had never eaten there before and he got a waffle and a BIG BOWL OF GRITS! You can't live in the south and not eat grits :) He really liked, them, by the way. So, I guess he can stay. I told the waitresses (who I flirted with) that Andrey is our "big Russian man"!!! :)

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