Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee!

Daddy was asked to come and speak at a conference in Nashville, TN, and of course Mama and I tagged along :) It was at a BEAUTIFUL place - the Opryland Hotel! I loved it! We went to a really nice place on Friday night called The Stockyard Restaurant and my favorite part was singing with the guitar man and having my pick of a platter full of yummy desserts. We had a great visit with my great-grandmother the next day, and then on Saturday night we took a cruise on The General Jackson Riverboat! We had a great meal while we cruised down the Cumberland River and MORE COUNTRY MUSIC (I think that's all those people know up there...I was ready for some dance music ;) But the singers and dancers were really good, so I guess it's okay.

The Opryland Hotel's "Celebrity Service" Check-In was awesome!!! - I always knew I was a celebrity! ;)

We followed our luggage "through the jungle!"

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