Saturday, October 15, 2005

Keaton and Katie Lin

Hi everyone! Wow - I had a really fun day yesterday. I met my friend from China, Katie Lin Ortmeyer. She and her parents live in Valdosta which is a town not far from where I live. Her mother Kim and my Mama are friends, and we had fun eating lunch together in Nashville, GA! No, not Nashville, TN! Because I promise if I had been in Nashville, TN I would have gone to see my family that lives there, too :) I promise :)

Mimi, we ate a restaurant that was named after you....Mimi's!!! It was really nice. I had fun playing with Katie's toy. She was nice to share with me.

We got some pictures made outside the restaurant where there were pumpkins and a scary-crow. There was even a little courtyard that was named after Katie! That was really neat. I don't think she cared too much :) Then later when we were back in Tifton we saw a house that had lots of Halloween decorations! I called it "Scary the Park." For those of you who don't know, I came up with that name after hearing Mama tell me that a part on a Disney video was the "scary part." I thought she said "Scary the Park."
Now I talk about Scary the Park all the time and I
can't wait to go back. This year I am going to our Fall

Festival and Mama said we will go trick-or-treating! I can't wait - I hear that all I have to say is "trick or treat" and they hand you candy at each house!!! YEA!!!

Then we went by to see our friends Sandy and Cory Ponder and their pretty little baby named Elise. Mr. Cory is a real live musician and he is really talented...he let me play on a cool drum set. THANKS MR. CORY!!! That was lots of fun!

Drumroll please................

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TimandKim said...

I am so glad I got to meet you Keaton. I had fun with the pumpkins!