Friday, October 07, 2005

Keaton's Three!

Hi everyone -

My name is Keaton Lacy and I am 3 years old. My Mama got the idea to create a blog for me after she saw one that our friends did for their newly adopted little girl from China. It is very cool - lots of information and pictures about her. Now, she is going to post things about ME so you can read them!

If you want to see my picture of our adoption agency's website, it is here:

Look for me in the photo album! It's fun being from Russia, but I am so happy to be here living in the U.S.A. with my Mama and Daddy.

I turned three years old on September 7.

We had cupcakes with my class at school (First United Methodist Preschool) and had a cake and ice cream with the friends Mrs. Linda and Mr. Herman Henry, and Nonnie and Papa Joe (Carolyn and Joe Harvey). Mama likes having adults at parties, not lots of wild kids. She says one wild kid is enough at my party. That would be me.

I hope you have fun reading about me in my blog.

I will post some pictures from my birthday party soon, as soon as Mama figures how to do it.


Pumpkins - I have some in my yard!!! (Halloween is coming!)
Veggie Tales
Tom and Jerry (they make me laugh really, really hard!)
Going on Jungle Trail Walks with my Daddy in my backyard
Going on bicycle rides with Mama and Daddy at Paradise Lakes
Cheese Noodles (plain ravioli from the freezer case!)
Harassing my long-suffering cat, Mr. Mittens
Chocolate Milk

Until next time....


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